sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

Black ice- The death of willy lynch

Algo mas para los amantes de wu-tang y afiliados, aqui les traigo Black ice grupo conformado por Bagzz y Professor, es un buen albun, destrampense.

1. Path, The
2. Ugly Show, The
3. Dream Transferred, A
4. Lone Soldier - (with China Black)
5. Takeyatime - (with Musiq)
6. Nice2MeetU - (with Vee)
7. Hoodwatch!!
8. Front Page
9. Rain, Hail Sleet Or Snow - (with H. Hill)
10. Beast Within, The - (with H. Hill)
11. Shine - (with Natalie Stewart Of Floetry)
12. Real, The

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