jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown _ Daily Bread (2011)

01.Daily Bread Intro
04.Dollar Bill Hill
06.Different World
07.Weak Won't Do
08.The Trenches feat. Sean Born
09.Tell Me
10.Mackey's Lament
13.Higher feat. Finale
14.The Note
15.Like A Diamond

sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Zero Star _ Don't Look Now (2011)

01.6 Minutes Zero Star You're On
02.No Gloves
03.The Grind
04.72' Dolphins
05.Listen Up
06.#1 With A Bullet
07.Loungin' On Friday feat. K81 & Johnny Maggz
08.Bonus Track feat. Johnny Maggz

Chihiro & DJ Deckstream – De:Luxe (2011)

1. Bye-Bad-Bye
2. Last Kiss
3. 片想い feat.GIORGIO 13
4. Miss U Part II ~恋してた~
5. Glitter
6. Last Note
7. In the FLOOR
8. Miss U feat.ZANE (three NATION)
9. My Place
10. Bitter and Swee

Legit _ Coloring Outside The Lines (2011)

01.Intro feat. Tink (Produced by Dee Lilly)
04.Seeing is Believing feat. Connoisseur
05.A Nigger in Northface feat. Arielle
06.Fly Me To The Moon (Produced by Dee Lilly)
07.Danny Ocean
08.The Diagnosis
09.No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (Produced by Dee Lilly)
10.Let It Out feat. Tink
11.Action Figures
12.Black Tie Affair (Produced by BlackSmith)
13.The Memoirs of Dante Sarth
14.Sky Is Close

Associated Fresh – Fresh Produce (2011)

01.Fresh Produce
03.Styles N Smiles
04.The Showdown ft. Matt Lowe aka Mr. Rhythmic of Greyspace
05.Jive Turkees
06.The Hero Gene
07.Stiffresh ft. Bored Stiff & PW Esquire
08.Unique ft. The Mighty Leeban
09.Hope Your Wig Don’t Flip
10.Brotherhood Thru Musick
11.At All Costs (Prod. by All Key)
12.At All Costs RMX (Prod. by Dren Doh) BONUS

Joe Commisso _ We Know Nothing EP (2011)

01.Save America
03.Cut Scene
04.I'm Here.
05.A Blind Man Once Said.
07.His Life. ft. Matt Schwartz
09.Internet Connected. (Bonus Track)

Tona – Hennessy Thoughts (2011)

Joe Commisso _ The Transition (2010)

01.The Transition
02.Stuck (Freestyle)
03.Modern Day Saint f/ Matt Schwartz
04.Another Planet (Freestyle)
05.Fading Away
06.Fresher Than f/ James K.
07.Pause (Freestyle)
08.2010 f/ Matt Schwartz & James K.
09.Russian Roulette
10.Crashing Down

Mood–Live Again(2011)

02.Live Again (feat. Big Easy)
04.Gangsta Goddess
05.Popular (feat. Ianigma / Big Easy)
06.Shoot Me Down (feat. Ianigma)
07.Drugs, War & Crime (feat. Ragga)
08.Bad Move (feat. Ragga)
09.Ghetto Monopoly (feat. Zerah)
10.They Say (feat. Zerah)
11.Profits Of Doom
12.Judgement Mourning (feat. Ragga)
14.Conversations (feat. J Sands)
15.By Myself
16.More Love Than Hate (feat. Zerah)
17.Believe (feat. Holmskillet)
18.So Long
19.Lyrics Like These
20.X Factor

Rythmatical _ Behind The People (2011)

01.1 Step Ahead (ft. R2)
02.Cannabis (ft. Lorisoul)
03.Fallen (ft.Trace Blam)
04.Flea (ft. Lorisoul)
05.Freeversin (ft. Pyrospoken)
06.Good Love (ft. Jayman)
07.Light A Blunt Up (ft. Aftah Sum)
08.Me To Him (ft. DaveHimself)
09.Memories (ft. Pyrospoken)
10.No Chase No Follow (ft. Mosaek)
11.Our Deepest Fear (ft. DiverSe)
12.Redefined (ft. Matt Cronin)
13.Second Guess (ft. Mosaek)
14.The Road Turns (ft. Aftah Sum)
15.Trust (ft. DGoD)
16.Waitin On You (ft. Carlos Rossi)

Antbeezy – The Becoming (2011)

01.Know My Name
02.Back In The Day (Feat. Sol)
03.Dreams To Make It
04.206 Up
05.Realer Than A Pickup Line
06.Two Filipinos (Feat. Roscoe Umali)
07.Rather Unique
08.Hollaremix (Feat. Brothers From Another)

Kurtis Stanley _ Gummy Soul (2010)

01.Right On
02.Run It
03.Whole Grain Goodness
05.This Is What I'm Built For
06.Frequently Fly
07.On My Mind
09.Off and Running
12.Dynamite Sound
13.Walt Clark Special
14.Man Of The People

Illuminous 3 – Thrift Stores & L’s EP(2009)

01 Thrift Stores & L’s

02 B.Y.O.B

03 Day In The Life

04 Midtown Livin’

05 Mercedes Lover

06 Sake

07 Do It Like Your Grown

08 Sleep Deprived

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Progress (Infinito 2017 & SavSola) – Advanced Copy: Breaking Your Dreams EP (2011)

01. How About Tax
02. Correct Word Method
03. Band Frequency
04. Social Destruction feat. Nekaybaaw
05. Frendamie
06. Federalies
07. Trash Lyrics feat. Max Ptah

Infinito 2017 & Dirt E. Dutch – Withoutpermission (2011)

01. To Go First
02. Puppets Game
03. Arrogance
04. Blink Of An Eye
05. Target Practice (For Fun)
06. A Place Called Truth
07. Construct Example
08. 59 Cent Lunch Meat

Sulaiman & Gzus Piece – What Music Should Sound Like (2011)

02.Just Another Case (Treatmix)
03.Keep Winning
04.He’s That Nigga (featuring Swopes)
05.Almost Gone
06.Black Star Power (featuring Vic Spencer)
07.Love Me Sexy (featuring Mano, Jon James & Mic Terror)
08.Still On My Mind
09.Never Know
10.Night People (featuring Vic Spencer)
11.Wanna Test (Treatmix)

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Payo Malo - Equilibrio (2003)

01. Entra En Equilibrio 
02. Despierto Y Pierdo 
03. Una Ventana Al Mundo 
04. Mi Cartera Es Mi Biblia 
05. Lo Probé… Y Joder, Es La Ostia!!! 
06. Zapatos Nuevos 
07. Tocaito 
08. Dios Los Junta Y Ellos Se Ponen Ciegos 
09. Equilibristas 
10. Enciendo La Lumbre 
11. Pa Que Llore Mi Madre Que Llore La Tuya 
12. Rap Mi Rol 
13. El Malabar 
14. Más Allá De Lo Que Veo 
15. Paredes Que Hablan 
16. Ojo En La Espalda 
17. Mensaje En Una Botella 
18. Dias Grises

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

entrevista canserbero

bueno aki les dejo una entrevista con el rapero venezolano canserbero, espero les trame.

Madzilla Uanteik Vol.2 (Como en los 90's)

Sean Boog - Phantom of the Jamla

bueno bueno esto esta ke echa candela, ke mierda tan buena con sean boog, grandes productores participan en este material, espero les guste.

01. Back and Forth [prod. Khrysis]
02. One, Two, Three [prod. Amp]
03. Morning [prod. 9th Wonder]
04. Family [prod. Eric G]
05. F*ckin’ WIth Who (ft. Sundown) [prod. Amp]
06. Fight the Feeling (ft. Tyler Woods, Halo, & Rapsody) [prod. 9th Wonder]
07. Never Dude feat. Sundown [prod. Eric. G]
08. Black Cloud [prod. Fatin]
09. Natural feat. Halo and Sundown [prod. Eric G.]
10. Royalty feat. GQ & Tyler Woods [prod. Amp]
11 .The Phantom of The Jamla [prod. Eric G.]
12. The Cycle [prod. Fatin]
13. Weirdo @*#$! (ft. Halo, Enigma, & Sundown) [prod. 9th Wonder]
14. Get It Together [prod. 9th Wonder]
15. Dreams Can Be Real (ft. E. Jones & Add2TheMC) [prod. E. Jones]
16. Me and You [prod. E. Jones]

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Fremdtunes – O sweet schwein of mine (2011)

1. Song for Liselore 03:19
2. Wednesday afternoon sunshine 03:20
3. I’ll trade you my sunglasses 04:27
4. The magnificent attitude of not giving a damn 04:31
5. From Houston with love 02:32
6. Charlotte & Kirsten (prelude to Zauberhulk) 02:53



Phaze One (M-Phazes & Emilio Rojas) - Phaze One (2011)

01. Pull Us Through
02. Bold And Arrogant
03. So Many (Feat. Illy & Dion Primo)
04. 585
05. Tic Toc (Feat. DVS)
06. Breaking Me Down (Feat. Mateo)
07. Look At Me Now (Feat. Dion Primo)
08. Tell Me (Feat. Dwayne Collins)
09. Survivalist
10. Still Talk (Feat. Dwayne Collins)

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Moka Only – Airport 5 (2011)

1. It Don’t Matter 02:33
2. Grab Grab Grab 02:34
3. I Do 02:38
4. Brand Nu Shine Feat. Opio 02:40
5. Skronk 02:26
6. Love Affair 02:28
7. I’d Rather Be Feat. Lil Bit 02:33
8. Sun Come Up Feat. Bootie Brown 03:08
9. Long Range 02:44
10. Are You There 02:23
11. Welcome Aboard 02:35
12. ROCK ON!

jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

A-Plus (Hieroglyphics) & Compound 7 - Pepper Spray EP (2011)

Soulbrotha - The Connexion EP (WEB) (2011)

01. Soulbrotha Numba Everything feat. DJ Premier
02. Beats By The Pound feat. Large Professor & Nutso
03. Back In The Days (Interlude) feat. Edaye
04. Real Mcees feat. Blaq Poet, NYGz & Krumb Snatcha
05. My Philosophy (Interlude) feat. Branesparker
06. Rooted In Your Spirits feat. Freestyle Professors
07. Beats By The Pound (Instrumental Skit)
08. Real Mcees (Instrumental Skit)
09. Back In The Days (Interlude) (Instrumental)

Prometheus Brown (Geologic of Blue Scholars) and Bambu – Walk Into A Bar (2011)

1. Fuck Dog the Bounty Hunter (produced by Osna) 03:16
2. At It Again (produced by MTK) 03:48
3. Nowhere (produced by DJ Nphared) 03:24
4. Mahalo (produced by Just D’Amato) 04:14
5. National Treasure (produced by Vitamin D) 03:29
6. The Bar (produced by Vitamin D) 03:01
7. Molotov Tiki Torch Cocktail Rap (produced by 6Fingers) 02:20
8. Lookin Up (produced by Fatgums) 04:25
9. Rashida Jones (produced by Budo) 04:12
10. Slow Down [Yavash Remix] (produced by Sabzi) 02:49

Nacho Picasso-NumbNuts

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011


01. Casebasket
02. R.I.P. (ft. Styles P & Talib Kweli)
03. Imagine
04. I Rock On
05. Uh Oh (from Talib Kweli’s Gutter Rainbows)
06. Live Up (ft. Talib Kweli)
07. Assassins (from Pharoahe Monch’s W.A.R., ft. Royce Da 5’9”)
08. Jeannie Rules
09. Blame Game
10. Killing ‘Em (ft. Pharoahe Monch)
11. You Don’t Like It (ft. DJ Boogie Blind)

9th Wonder & Actual Proof – The Talented Tenth

Bueno en realidad no me canso de escuchar las nuevas producciones de 9th wonder con artistas exelentes, esta vez con actual proof, se los recomiendo, exelentes temas, beats, feats.

The Martin Luther King, Jr Experience

1. Dream [prod. 9th Wonder]
2. Let Me Ride [prod. 9th Wonder]
3. Coast 2 (ft. Tyler Woods) [prod. Eric G]
4. Light it Up [prod. Eric G]
5. Peace Zulu (ft. Halo) [prod. Sinopsis]
6. Like That [prod. Eric G]
7. Letta’ to Correta (ft. Bird & The Midnight Falcons) [prod. Khrysis]
8. All in My Mind [prod. 9th Wonder]
9. The March [prod. Khrysis]
10. The Talented Tenth [prod. 9th Wonder]

The Malcolm X Experience

11. Super Genius (ft. Cutlass Reid, Skewby, Naledge, Add2theMC, Kendrick Lamar, Brittany Street, The Kid Daytona, & Laws) [prod. 9th Wonder]
12. Detroit Red [prod. Khrysis]
13. Great Minds [prod. AMP]
14. All Basic [prod. AMP]
15. It’s Simple [prod. Ka$h] 
16. Let Cha Know [prod. Khryis]
17. Breathe (ft. Rapsody) [prod. AMP]
18. Whole Crew [prod. AMP]
19. Desegregation (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog) [prod. Khrysis]
20. The X Factor [prod. Khrysis]