jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009



01. Out Of The Same Thing (feat. The Gaff)
02. One Record
03. Home Again (feat. Nomad)
04. More Rude Than Handsome (feat. Awol One)
05. The Leen (feat. Josh Martinez)
06. Electric Furs Of A Lynx (feat. Noah23)
07. Moonlight (feat. Josh Fischel)
08. Lonely City (feat. Moka Only)
09. New Day
10. Time Of The Year (feat. Sadat X)
11. Good Old Smokey [My Kanine] (feat. Myka 9)
12. On My Way (feat. Kirby Dominant & Kirby Criddle)
13. Had It Made
14. I Tried To Tell You
15. Wait And See
16. Pray (feat. Ceschi)
17. 21 Chump Street (feat. Cam The Wizzard)
18. Year Of The Rat (feat. Epic)
19. Last Nights Dream

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