viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Jazsapiens - Elevator Music (2010)

01.Elevator Music (Performed by G-O)
02.Jazzercise 1 - Do The Jazsapien
03.Identity [Formation]
04.Survival Of the Sickest (feat. Ego)
05.T.o.Y. Soldiers (feat. Mint)
06.Concept [Re-formation] (Scratches by DJ Empty)
07.To The Sea, To The Sky
08.Jazzercise 2 - Shake Dat J-Azz
09.Starving Artist (feat. Dumbfoundead)
11.Culture Shock (feat. Tier2, Scratches by DJ Empty)
12.Definitive Cool (feat. Mint & Obi Juan of Sunfloweer Samurai)
13.Flowers By The Sidewalk
14.Sidewalk Letters
15.Awakening [Trans-formation]
16.Elevator Stop
17.Killer Concept [Bonus]
18.To The Sea, To The Sky (Remix)[Bonus]

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