viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Cutlass Reid – One Day At A Time (2011)

01.Intro – Pookie (One Day At a Time)
03.Vitamin C
04.I’mma Be Me
05.La La La La feat. Shawn Chappelle
06.Eviction Notice feat. 9thMatic (9thWonder)
07.Interlude (Sportin’ Life)
08.Give It To Me feat. Chris Whitaker
11.Cheeze Eggz & Gritz feat. Truck North
12.Interlude (Tonight’s The Night)
13.Brass Knuckles
14.Blown Away feat. Big Remo x Smoke DZA
15.Animal House
16.I Jus Wanna Be Heard feat. Shawn Chappelle
17.Outro – (One Day At a Time)

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