miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Lord Lhus – Fuck You Lord Lhus (2011)

01) Intro
02) I’m Coming Up (produced by Benzie)
03) It’s Lord Lhus (produced by MC AndeeJay)
04) Raw Essence Featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, Matt Maddox & King Mag (produced by Benzie)
05) When I Woke Up Featuring Savage Brothers (Produced by Junior Makhno)
06) Cunt Control (produced by Harry Hustler)
07) Fuck You Lord Lhus Skits
08) Fuck You Lord Lhus (produced by Al’tarba, cuts by DJ Nix’on)
09) Beast (produced by Al’tarba)
10) S.C.Y.K.O.T.I.K.Z. Featuring Eternel & Unkn?wn (produced by Dj Caique)
11) Hali-Cackalack Featuring Ghettosocks (produced by BIX)
12) S.C. Streets Featuring V.I.B.Ez (produced by Dr. iLL)
13) Take in the Light (produced by Harry Hustler)
14) What You Know About It Featuring Cheif Kamachi (produced by Komander of Kruscifix)
15) what the fuck is you talking about?
16) Star Scope Featuring Ide (produced by Benzie)
17) This for Ya’ll Featuring Eternel & Unkn?wn (produced by Think)
18) Outro

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