jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

The Primeridian – Da Crack-A-Dawn (2011)

01.Crack-A-Dawn Intro
02.Got ‘Em Goin ft. Rashid Hadee
03.Good Lean ft. Jay Vega & KooLes
04.In the Mood ft. Rashid Hadee
05.Set it Free
06.Drop it
07.High Wednesday
08.Brave New World ft. Ran Mega
09.Y U So Crazy
10.H.B.R.S. ft. Buff 1
11.Full Throttle ft. Mike Flo
12.@ War
13.Be Ever Wonderful ft. Decay
14.Doing it Well
15.Go Ill ft. Add-2
16.Celebortee ft. Cy Yung
17.Sum People
18.Thinking Of a Plan
19.Money ft. Rashid Hadee & Pugs Atomz
20.Live From The Belly ft. Adad
21.Nice Guy ft. Prob Cause
22.Ninjas Just Wanna ft. Pugs Atomz
23.Good Morning High Noon
24.Buzzin ft. Wes Restless
25.Aw (Remix)
26.Hyde Park ft. Phenom
27.Blue Pill ft. Black Spade
28.Beer Goggles (Bonus Track)

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