jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Magestik Legend - To Be Continued...Chapter 2 (2010)

01.Reintroduction (hosted by Rapper Big Pooh) (prod Astronote)
02.The Run Down (prod Astronote)
03.Get.Ends.Hide. (prod Astronote)
04.Long Distance (prod Astronote)
05.What's In a Name? (prod 14KT)
06.TBC2 Interlude (by Rapper Big Pooh)
07.Vice Gripz (prod Astronote)
08.Brand NEW (prod Audible Doctor)
09.What the World Needs (feat T. Calmese) (prod Astronote)
10.Lock and Key (prod Astronote)
11.Dirty Little Pretty (prod Slop Funk Dust)
12.Video Game (w/ Magestik Legend + Buff1 as The Black Opera)
13.CARBON (prod Astronote)
14.Crazy (prod Astronote)

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