viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Snowgoons - Joining Forces (2007 Mixtape)

1.Intro feat. DJ Kidkut
2.Snowgoons feat. Born Unique – Real World
3.Jedi Mind Tricks – The Worst
4.Snowgoons feat. J-Sands & Mitchell Hennessy – Clip Full Of Ammo
5.Snowgoons feat. Reef The Lost Cauze – Never
6.Weathermen – Gut You
7.Army Of The Pharaoh’s – Narrow Grave
8.Chief Kamachi feat. Guru – The Best
9.Static & Nat Ill feat. Promoe – Getup,Getout
10.Army Of The Pharaoh’s – Tear It Down
11.Likwit Junkies – S.C.A.N.S.
12.Non Phixion – Black Helicopters
13.Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Killasha – Contra
14.Rasco feat. Edo G & Reks – Gunz Still Hot (Produced by Molemen)
15.King Syze feat. Vinnie Paz - Blitzkrieg
16.Prinz Porno - Keine Liebe
17.Maylay Sparks feat. Gemini – The Sickest
18.Non Phixion – It’s Us
19.Jeru Da Damaja – Ain’t The Devil Happy
20.Snowgoons feat. Supastition – Bring It On
21.OC – Time’s Up
22.Ghostface – Run
23.J-Spliff feat. Sean Price – State Of Mind
24.Snowgoons feat. Mitchell Hennessy & Edi Amin – German Lugers
25.Elbis feat. Infamous MC – I Make Moves Tight
26.Roger Rekless – Aber Nein (Hitfarmers Remix)

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