jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Twan D - iTOLDuSo! (2010)

01. iTOLDuSo! (Prod. By Marcus Banks)
02. Stay True (Prod. By Antman Wonder)
03. Cosby Show feat. Chill Moody (Prod. By Jim Boonie)
04. The Kick-Off feat. Damo (Prod. By iLL-MeeL)
05. Hurdles (Prod. By Antman Wonder)
06. Pick-Up Line (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
07. Everything's Fallin' feat. dub (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
08. Coffee Break (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
09. Don't Take Me Now feat. Chill Moody (Prod. By Jim Boonie)
10. Madison Square Garden (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
11. Stereotype feat. dub (Prod. By Antman Wonder)
12. Heart Cries In(terlude) (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
13. Heart Cries Out (Prod. By Jim Boonie)
14. Run It Right Back feat. Chill Moody and Boogieman Dela (Prod. By Hank McCoy)
15. Celebration (Prod. By iLL-MeeL)

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