jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

K. Sparks – The Trilogy Chapter 3 (2010)

01.Go Get Em
03.Soulful Co Starring Gripz
04.The Resurrection
05.Games We Play Co Starring The CANZ
06.The Reeper Co Starring Jeff Chery – Angelous
07.Black Magic Co Starring AHMAD
09.Blue Swing
10.Velvet Thoughts (Sutphin) – Co Starring Laëtitia Dana
11.Melancholy Slang Interlude
12.Sucker Emcees Co Starring Dave Barz
14.Fitted Low Co Starring JD – Tina Quallo
15.Momma Say
16.Main Event Co Starring Kandid McFly – Angelous
17.Inner City Blues Co Starring Wordsmith
18.Something New
19.The Industry Co Starring Tina Quallo

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