lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Verse Essential Presents..."Ingenious" (Mixtape)

01.) The Opening (Produced By Volume 3)
02.) Between The Lines (feat. C-Rayz Walz) (Produced By Juan Lobo)
03.) Nothing To Lose (feat. JD Nero) (Produced By Juan Lobo)
04.) American Nightmare (feat. Access Immortal & Conquest) (Produced By Todd Sykes)
05.) Old School/New School (Produced By Todd Sykes)
06.) Horizon (Produced By Mesomatic)
07.) Touch (Produced By Mesomatic)
08.) Can't Quit Her (Produced By DJ Ruckspin)
09.) Three Kings (feat. Mighty Ravage & Substantial) (Produced By Todd Sykes)
10.) iManUp (Produced By Todd Skyes)
11.) Heavyweights (feat. Karniege, Swave Sevah, Loer Velocity & Vast Aire) (Produced By Karniege)
12.) The Pain (Produced By Juan Lobo)
13.) Ingenious (Produced By Mesomatic)
14.) Strike With A Vengeance (feat. Fess Gotchu) (Produced By Juan Lobo)
15.) Like It Should Be (Produced By DJ Ruckspin)
16.) Now You Know (feat. Fess Gotchu & Access Immortal) (Produced By Todd Skyes)
17.) More Than A Man (Produced By DJ Ruckspin)
18.) The Ownerz (feat. Todd Sykes & Access Immortal) (Produced By Todd Skyes)
19.) The World Is Mine (feat. Melinda Neal) (Produced By Juan Lobo)
20.) The Closing (Produced By Mesomatic)
21.) The Suntoucher (Part 2) (feat. Mello, Access Immortal, Emaze, Karniege & Science) (Produced By DJ Ruckspin)

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